Driving With Care

Getting a DUI or DWI violation can be a painful and confusing experience. Our professional staff understands this, and will treat you with courtesy and respect.

If you've been directed to complete a DWI program or class by the courts or law enforcement officials, Lighthouse Driving with Care® (DWC) classes are convenient and affordable, and will help you fulfill that requirement.

Northland offers Driving with Care® (DWC) at our Maple Grove office. The Driving with Care® curriculum was developed by Kenneth W. Wanberg, Harvey B. Milkman and David S. Timken, and is based in cognitive behavioral and social learning theories. Evidence-based interventions – including motivational interviewing and stage-wise treatment – are applied in an interactive group setting, which engages clients as they are taught thought and behavior modification skills. Researchers have found that cognitive restructuring, social skill development and increased pro-social attitudes and responsibilities are supportive of longitudinal recidivism reduction.


The Driving with Care® (DWC) curriculum was developed by Kenneth W.  Wanberg, Harvey B. Milkman and David S. Timken, and is based on cognitive behavioral and social learning theories. Evidence-based interventions – including motivational interviewing and stage-wise treatment – are applied in a group setting which teaches thought and behavior modification skills in an interactive way.  Studies have shown that cognitive restructuring and increased social skill development reduce further driving violations.


Driving with Care® Works

Driving with Care® helps you:

  • Change your thinking
  • Determine your motivation
  • Identify your stage of change
  • Understand how your actions impact those around you
  • Increase your concern for others
  • Develop better judgement
  • Transform your behavior
  • Reduce future incidents


Probation Compliance

Instructors will communicate with probation teams to support fulfillment of probation conditions.

Class Facilitators

Classes are facilitated by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors and/or Mental Health Therapists who are certified Driving with Care® Instructors. Our personnel are experienced in dual diagnosis and traditional substance abuse treatment and trained in Motivational Interviewing clinical skills coaching and supervision. Our classes are conducted with careful adherence to the DWC curriculum.


Program Levels

Level I (six sessions):

  • First DUI offense
  • Six-week program


Level II (twelve sessions):

  • Prior DUI offenses
  • First DUI .15+ blood alcohol concentration
  • Illicit drug use involved in offense
  • Twelve week program


Driving with Care Therapy (Level III, twenty-one sessions)

  • May require DWC Level II prior to DWC Therapy
  • For those with moderate to severe substance abuse and two or more DWI convictions
  • Twenty-one sessions

Call 763-898-3838 for our current class schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which DWC class do I need to take?
A. Your probation officer will explain which class level is right for you. Level I is a six-week program. Level II is a twelve-week program.


Q. Will the Lighthouse DWC class satisfy my probation or court requirements?
A. Our classes carefully follow the Driving with Care® curriculum, which means that completing the class will meet those requirements. With your permission, our instructors will communicate with probation teams to support you in satisfying conditions of your probation.


Q. Who teaches your DWC classes?
A. Classes are facilitated by licensed alcohol and drug counselors or mental health therapists who are certified as DWC instructors.


Q. When do the classes start?
A. We have classes starting several times each month, and both day and evening classes are available. Call us at 763-898-3838 for specific dates and times.

Q. What if I also need treatment for alcohol or drug dependency?
A. Lighthouse specializes in dual-diagnosis treatment and has outpatient programs focused on addressing both substance use and mental health problems. You can read more about our programs here on our web site, or call us at 763-898-3838 and we'll help you decide if we're a good fit for you.


Q. How do I pay for my Driving with Care® class?
A. You can pay with cash, check or credit card. Payment plans are also available. Check with your insurance to see if classes are covered and your deductible.


Q. How much do classes cost?
A. With a cash rate, classes are $35 per session. Class fees include curriculum materials.