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Finding Hope Again    Written by Hal Baumchen and Neil T. Anderson

(This book is out of print, but Amazon and other online booksellers may have used copies available.)

Finding Hope Again, co-written by Northland Executive Director Dr. Hal Baumchen, is a book on the causes and solutions for depression.  Many people live discouraged, defeated and hopeless lives, stuck in a rut and held captive by lies.   This book will help you find hope and victory in Christ, and identify bondage and distorted beliefs that sustain depression.  It will teach you how to discover the “true view of you!”

The Bondage Breaker, Overcoming: Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings, and Habitual Sin    Written by Neil T. Anderson

Anderson leads readers away from the shadows and shackles in their lives and toward the freedom that comes when they realize they have the right to be free to confront the power of Satan, fight the  temptation to do it their way, trade deception for grace, and affirm their identity in Christ. Neil Anderson ultimately helps people break negative thought patterns, control irrational feelings, and break out of the bondage of sinful behavior. Those struggling will discover how to embrace the promise of Jesus to win the spiritual battles that confront them.

Steps to Freedom in Christ   Written by Neil T. Anderson

These time-tested steps will lead you to freedom in Christ! The victory that Christ promises us is complete. He has promised that knowing the truth will set us free. The Steps to Freedom in Christ is a comprehensive process that will help you resolve your personal and spiritual conflicts in Christ.

 Freedom From Fear: Overcoming Worry and Anxiety   Written by  Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller

This book teaches you to say “good-bye” to the unhealthy fears that are holding you captive! To help rid you of your worries, Anderson and Miller examine the causes of fear-filled strongholds in your life, including rejection, disapproval, failure, and the unknown. Once you identify the source of your anxieties, you’re well on your way to conquering them!

Getting Anger Under Control:Overcoming Unresolved Resentment, Overwhelming Emotions, and the Lies Behind Anger   Written by Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller

Whether horrific enough to grab headlines or minor enough to cause arguments with family and friends, uncontrolled anger steals peace, joy, and trust. Here, readers get clear, biblical methods for keeping anger in its place.

Telling Yourself the Truth   Written by William Backus

Backus believes that most of what happens in your life happens because of the way you think. Telling Yourself the Truth teaches you how to handle your thoughts using a life-changing method the authors call Misbelief Therapy. Based on the Bible, it teaches you how to identify your own misbeliefs and replace them with the truth.

Untwisting Twisted Relationships
   Written by William and Candace Backus

Whether with family, friends or associates, personal relationships are a major source of concern for everyone – even for those who would rather pretend life can go on very well without other people. Tangles and twists have great potential for affecting close relationships and seem to cause a large share of life’s miseries and pain. Dr. Backus and his wife Candace believe that relationships can be untwisted by specifically applying the principles of Misbelief Therapy which he developed and presented in Telling Yourself the Truth. Patterns of behavior in dealing with others become tangled through underlying misbeliefs and false expectations. The authors help the reader see that the only way to strong, secure, intimate relationships is through honestly facing these fallacies and replacing them with truths from God’s Word. Pointedly written in the context of the author’s own family life, here are tested and effective principles to help in restoring broken ties with family and friends.